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Are not you troubled with a stain and the somberness of the face?

The Japanese cosmetics are not known to the world still more.
However, the Japanese cosmetics are produced under the high scientific knowledge and the superior hygiene management.

We run the beauty treatment salon in Japanese Kyoto.
This time I participated in ebay to introduce Japanese superior cosmetics to world people.

 medical MK Scutellaria root extract pack


 These cosmetics are skin care cosmetics.
 These cosmetics remove melanin of skin and fix shine of skin.


Your bare skin whitens by the packing of five-ten minutes.
  Genuine "beautiful and white skin" is to make it to the bare skin without an extra melanin. Your skin  is that the person who sees you feels, "transparent and white".

■ Beautification and whitening are decided by the wick of the bare skin.

 The incoming ray that strikes the skin catches one's eye as a reflected light from the skin and       "Color of the skin" is recognized for the first time.

 Most light enters the inside once though the about 10% reflects on the surface when light strikes     the  skin.
 The light is done the reflection scattering by moisture in horny and comes out.
 When a lot of light occurs as a diffuse skylight, it is seen, "Fair skin". If light doesn't occur, it is seen,  "Subfusc skin".
 There is enough moisture in a horny layer, and the skin with few melanins looks transparent white.
"Medicinal MK Scutellaria root extract pack" achieves genuine "Beautification and whitening" by applying   this principle.

 It is the acidulous medical whitening pack of the type to wash away.
 you take the (about 0.17 oz) in a palm with a spatula for once and, after washing face, fully paint the   whole face with a finger.
 You paint skin with these cosmetics for 10 minutes from five minutes. And you wash it away afterwards.

 Only in this, your skin turns into shining fresh and young skin.
 The ingredient of cosmetics supplies skin with water and adsorbs melanin of the skin and restrains    generation of the melanin.

 ・A medical ingredient : Water-soluble pula center extract, a glycyrrhizin acid 2potassium
 ・ion   ingredient : Silicic acid aluminum magnesium, hydroxyapatitte(Calcium)
 ・A humidity retention plant ingredient : A vegetable estrogenic ingredient (aloe extract, chlorella                              extract, Pueraria lobata root extract),  Scutellaria root                               extract, carrot extract, field horsetail extract, hoe extract
 ・A humidity retention prevention of decay ingredient : 1,2- pentane diol

 ※ No coloration, no spice, nonparametric Ben, non-oil, a non-surfactant, non-alcohol

 We will introduce cosmetics made in much Japan to people in future.
 Thank you for reading.

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medical UV essential base

 Sun Protection Liquid Foundation

 The chief ingredient of the ultraviolet rays defense is fine particles titanium oxide (kind of titanium oxide coated silicon). This ingredient cuts harmful ultraviolet rays more than 99%.
 This ingredient is original ultraviolet rays defense ingredient of VIVANT JOIE.

 When fine particles titanium oxide catches ultraviolet rays, an electron of titanium oxide activates it by electromagnetic wave energy and catches ultraviolet rays.

 On this account the ultraviolet rays of A wave - B wave are intercepted more than 99% by fine particles titanium oxide. And it cannot arrive at the skin surface.

 Even if you take strong ultraviolet rays, the ultraviolet rays energy is not changed to heat.
 Therefore the skin does not have heat. There is little stimulation to the skin, too. Skin is not getting   rough.


Sun Protection Compact Foundation
An anti-UV measure thorough in Y titanium and composite powder.

This article combined composite powder (PMMA) with the Y titanium of the effect to cut UV newly.
This ingredient covers the shadow of your stain and wrinkle by a recurrence reflection of the light. It brightens your skin brightly.

Powder is to finish on natural skin (the color is not on).
This powder is most suitable for finish after the use with "a medical use UV essential base", and most suitable for touching up makeup when you went out.

This cuts harmful ultraviolet rays while brightening your skin in light.
And this raises the interception effect (more than 99%) of "the medical use UV essential base" more and prevents generation of the melanin.

The Y titanium of the patent ingredient cuts harmful ultraviolet rays well and protects skin.
You do not refuse a dirt and the attention of the shadow of the wrinkle. It is because this compound powder can brighten skin brightly.

By this, coherency to the skin improved, and make up is hard to have come to collapse for a long time.
The interception effect of the Y titanium and a reflection effect of the composite powder raise ultraviolet rays defense effect and there is little heat stimulation, too and does not sprinkle a burden on skin.
The package uses photocatalyst with antibacteria and dirt protection and deodorization and the ecology effect.

[An effect of the composite powder (PMMA)]

The composite powder is the fine particles which let a nanoglobe (PMMA) stick to the surface of the flatness-shaped mica.
When light is incident, it is reflected by mica (a light reflector).
When the incident radiation side contains light again and makes a recurrence reflection,
A PMMA globe refract light refract.A PMMA globe polarize light.
A stain is not outstanding, and skin becomes light.The interception rate of A wave and B wave of the UV improves so that this powder reflect ultraviolet rays at the same time.

[Main combination ingredient」
・ultraviolet rays defense ingredient: Fine particles Y titanium (kind of titanium oxide oated silicon), titanium oxide
・A reflection ingredient: Talc, composite powder, silica, alumina
・A humidity retention ingredient: Olive Squalane, Vitamin E
・A prevention of decay ingredient: Ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate, Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate 

# Please use it as finish of skin care when you maintain it in the morning.
# Please apply it to the skin to suppress it lightly. The micro powder is lightly postponed. The skin is transparently shone. The make-up is prevented from collapsing.
# Because it is a Lucent type, it is finish of nature like the bare skin.
# Please apply it diligently at the time of the make-up mending when you go out.

 We will introduce cosmetics made in much Japan to people in future.
 Thank you for reading.

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ALOE SKIN CREAM     made in japan

 This skin cream combined vegetable moisture maintenance ingredient aloe extract, collagen, Squalane.

 A field of the aloe

[Time limit of consumption]
Please use it within two months after you open the container.

 We will introduce cosmetics made in much Japan to people in future.
 Thank you for reading.

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